About Me: a cryptocurrency trader

Since my early teen years, I've been searching for ways to make the little money I had to work for myself. My parents suggested I open a savings account with the bank. Initially excited, I was promptly disappointed with the pathetic returns on offer (I was lucky to find an account with a few per cent of interest). So I set out and searched for a better alternative. I started looking at gold but quickly realised that whilst there was some potential, the realistic returns I would get on my thousand dollars wouldn't be all that life-changing. And I wanted life-changing! At 17 years of age, I came across the world of cryptocurrencies and instantly became obsessed. A relatively new asset class, with life-changing potential.

Almost a year since I began my crypto journey, I am still by no means an expert. But I've learned my fair share of lessons in this short amount of time. I've started Toward Crypto to share these lessons I've learned, spread my love for crypto, and to help new investors in taking the step into joining the crypto community, keeping every step of the way as simple as possible.  

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